The Réserve Du Boucher Range

Réserve Du Boucher

Meat & Wine Story

Cooking is our refuge, it’s a gift that was given to us and that we love to share. There is not a meal shared without referring to delicious recipes, delectable stewed dishes, our grandmothers’ desserts or tasty barbecues. It is a joy to gather around a vine fire where we grill with devotion a delectable piece of meat!

Our desire of eating well and cultivating our spiritual love for meat drove us to create the Butcher Reserve called“The Butcher’s Reserve” to simply marry and be the perfect partner with meat recipes.

Réserve du Boucher -
AOP Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux Rouge

Tasting Notes:

75% Merlot – 20% Cabernet Sauvignon – 5% Cabernet Franc fermented in a 100% stainless steel tank.

Light tannins. Supple, fresh and round. Lovely red fruit and spicy notes.