Our Philosophy

High Environmental Value Philosophy

We are the guardians of our heritage for future generations. For many years, we’ve adopted environmental and socially responsible practices and make them an integral part of how we run our winery. It is our way of ensuring the health of our land and our community for generations to come.

High environmental recognition of our environmental performance of winegrowers

February 2019, our winery has gained the HEV (High Environmental Value) certificate as a result of our efforts to establish a procedure to reach a high level of biodiversity and limit inputs. Farms certification guarantees that pressure applied to the environment by farming practices (on air, water, soil, climate, biodiversity and landscape) are kept to a minimum.

High Environmental Value

HIGH ENVIRONMENTAL VALUE (HEV) is the highest level of a generalised scheme for environmental certification of farms. Farms environmental certification is a voluntary approach which aims to identify and promote particularly environmentally friendly practices applied by farmers and winegrowers.

HEV covers four key areas:
– biodiversity conservation
– plant protection strategy
– managed fertiliser use
– water resource management

From vintage 2018, all our wines will bear the logo HVE (HEV for High Environmental Value) because they come from a certified HVE exploitation.

Our Winemaking Philosophy

“Château La Rose Bellevue” because the flower “La Rose” evokes PASSION, REASON & LOVE. A bouquet of roses is our heart and passion that we offer! “Bellevue” because the prettiest plots of our vines offer us a breathtaking “Bellevue” literally “beautiful view” on the Estuary. Our grandparents had planted these flowers at the end of their rows of vines because the roses more fragile than the vine warned them of the attacks to come.

Château La Rose Bellevue and "Carpe Diem" philosophy

We work to create an authentic range of wines from Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux AOC, that embodies conviviality and tell the story about our family and personal legacy. We work to create different styles of wines that are a reflection of our hedonistic philosophy and which will give you feelings of pleasure while sharing a nice glass with your friends or family.