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Chateau la Rose Bellevue has combined traditional winemaking methods with modern techniques through all stages of the process to achieve, from a quality vintage, wines of fine character which capture all the exclusive regional qualities.
Specific vine growing methods according to type. Matured in oak.
Careful supervision of wines before the bottling at the chateau.
Cellar master: Jerôme Eymas
Enologist: Nicolas Piffre

  Wine making
Fermentation temperature
87° Fht for red wines 64.4° Fht for the white wines
  Regulation: Temperature control
Vatting time 20 to 30 days
  Red wines : 12 months
White wines: 6 months
Aging in barrels:
Every third barrel is renewed yearly for red wines
New barrels yearly for white wines

Bottling at the Chateau
Type of bottles: Bordeaux

Production Marketing
Red wine 22500 cases/year
White wine 3000 cases/year
Private Sales: 25%
Trades Sales : 30%
Export : 35%
Catering : 10%

No exclusive selling
  Direct Selling at the Winery
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